Museum Studies at Leicester


We all know how valuable museum volunteering can be to help kick-start your career in the sector, or perhaps to keep your hand in whist working in a different area. That's why Museum Studies Connect is offering a service for members to help put those able to offer volunteering opportunities in touch with those that are seeking volunteering opportunities.

All members of the network are School of Museum Studies graduates so have all of the required skills and knowledge that that entails. Every member of the network knows just how much time, effort and commitment that needs to be invested in order to successfully complete one of our campus-based or distance learning programmes, so you can be sure that all potential volunteers will be of a very high calibre.

  • If you would like to offer a volunteering opportunity to a member of the network, please draft a simple word document explaining in broad terms what the opportunity involves: location; duties involved; hours required; skills needed etc. and e-mail it to
  • If you would like to find a volunteering opportunity, please draft a one page word document explaining: the type of volunteering work you are seeking; location; hours you can work; skills and experience that you already have; educational details etc. and e-mail it to

We will do our best to promote voluntary opportunities to those that are seeking them and put the right people in touch with each other so they can take it from there! The method for doing this will depend upon the take-up we receive for this service.

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