Call for Proposals - Museological Review Issue 25

Submission Deadline for abstracts/proposals: Sunday 15th November 2020, 17.00 GMT
The issue will be published in June 2021

Museological Review (MR) is a peer-reviewed journal, published annually by the PhD cohort of the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester, UK.
It is a forum for the exchange of museological ideas
and the development of academic skills.

The theme of Museological Review Issue 25 is ‘(Re)visiting Museums’. As museums around the world reopen their doors to visitors after the closures imposed by the spread of the pandemic, we invite researchers and practitioners to reflect on the impact of the unprecedented events that marked 2020.

Our field has seen a myriad of changes that have shifted the composition of visitor populations, production of art, organisational structures and the way in which we research museum practice. The interactions between museums and their publics have been shaken to some extent, affecting their relationships with global and local audiences, their strategies for engagement, use of space and permanent collections, collecting rationales and work cultures (to name a few). Some institutions started to collect everyday artefacts and new works produced by artists during lockdown. Museum visits moved online, as fieldwork and projects did for many researchers and practitioners. Museums are now urged to rethink their strategies of programming and outreach as they witness a shift in their priorities and resources.

How do these shifts impact the relationship between publics and museums? How do these influence museum practice?

We invite submissions that reflect upon the alternative paths that opened up through the practical and theoretical challenges faced by museums in 2020. We believe that this is an opportunity to debate the role of museums in contemporary society through times of crisis. Now that museums are reopening, this is a great chance to revisit them with fresh eyes.

Museological Review Issue 25 will consider how the museum sector is responding to worldwide events and navigating new ways to reach the audiences and negotiate relevance, even from a distance. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Visitor engagement in a pandemic (e.g. socialising the collection, outreach strategies, digital engagement)
  • Developing and using collections in response to rapid change (e.g. collecting the everyday, use of permanent collections)
  • Planning for the ‘new normal’ (e.g. programming, crowdsourcing exhibitions, targeting local and global audiences, museum space in a post-COVID world)
  • Equity and inclusion in a time of crisis (e.g. representation, negotiating relevance, responding to calls for change)
  • Mental wellbeing (for visitors and staff)
  • Online fieldwork for museum researchers and practitioners

Museological Review is accepting submissions in the following 5 formats:

  • Academic Articles (maximum 5,000 words)
  • Interviews (maximum 3,000 words) with practitioners or researchers who have had to devise or adjust their fieldwork plans or engagement projects to alternative modalities, eg. online.
  • Exhibition or Book Reviews (maximum 1,000 words) including physical/virtual exhibition or book reviews.
  • Visual Submissions comprising a single image which depicts the theme of “If your home/desk was a museum, what object would be on display?” and a caption (max 150 words).
  • Short contributions (Maximum 300 words) with authors’ own views of what the role of museums is in challenging times.

The submission deadline for all formats is Sunday 15th November 2020, 17.00 GMT.

Submissions are open to graduated students (MA and PhD), current PhD candidates, early-career researchers and museum practitioners.

Submissions and enquiries should be emailed to:

Academic articles / Interviews / Reviews requirements:

  • Title of your proposed submission
  • Full name of the author
  • 350-word proposal
  • Interviewee consent form (for interviews only)
  • 3 keywords which best represent your submission
  • Full postal address, professional qualifications, position(s) held
  • Social media handles, if you would like to be tagged in our posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

Visual Submissions / Short contributions requirements:

  • Full name of the author
  • Completed short contribution / visual submission with 150-word caption
  • Full postal address, professional qualifications, position(s) held
  • Social media handles, if you would like to be tagged in our posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

Visual Submissions Format

The image can be manipulated and edited. A title and a short caption of max 150 words should enhance the message, but the image must be able to communicate on its own merit. Visual submissions must be original work. Any identifiable person depicted must agree to allow their image to be published. Please submit your image as a .jpeg or .tif file to a resolution of 600 dpi and 3508x2480 pixels. Please submit your caption in a Microsoft Word document.


The authors of selected abstracts/proposals/visual and short submissions will be contacted in early December 2020. The deadline for the submission of the full academic articles/interviews/reviews is mid-January 2021. The editorial process (peer-review and editing) of accepted submissions will take place from January to April 2021. Final publication decisions will be made after the peer review and editing process. The issue will be available from the Museological Review webpage by June 2021.

Please see our notes for contributors.

Submissions are free of charge.