Introduction to Collecting and Analysing Numeric Data

Module code: SY7013
Module co-ordinator: TBC

In this module you will study basic analytic techniques for the analysis of numeric data. We will cover basic uni-variate and bi-variate analyses and explore the potential offered by multi-variate techniques. While focusing primarily on analysis, we will also address relevant issues of research design and data collection that can impact on the analytic process. Throughout the module we will highlight the links between analysis and other aspects of the research process, including the importance of making data analysis decisions at the beginning of a research project and the close relationship between research questions, research design and data analysis.

No prior experience in statistics is required for this module, just basic numeracy.


This module comprises nine two-hour seminars. These sessions are interactive and, whenever possible, will link to your own research project.


  • Report, 3,000 words (100%)