Research Project

Module code: SY3042
Module co-ordinator: Dr Edmund Chattoe-Brown

Like many things, there is a big difference between knowing about research and actually doing it well. This is the module where you get the opportunity to bring together all the knowledge you have acquired (both in 'subject' modules and modules on research methods) along with your personal skills (many of which – like time management and independence – have high employability value) and apply them to a research topic you have chosen for yourself. You will be supported by an expert supervisor whose research interests match yours as closely as possible.

In the first semester, you will set up the research, read relevant literature, identify a good research question, work out an appropriate research design for it, and get ethical approval. Your supervisor will provide you with formative feedback on draft chapters that summarise this phase of the research process. This means that in the second semester you can go ahead and collect data, analyse it appropriately, and write up the results.

The value of effective research is that it enables us to say what is actually the case and perhaps even why rather than simply putting forward personal opinions or parroting gossip and/or media, political, or commercial 'spin'. The ability to manage projects of this kind is not only directly relevant to careers in research (or further study) but mirrors the kind of independence and effective application of pre-existing skills to project-based activities expected in graduate-entry jobs.

Topics covered

As well as supervision, your research project will be supported by practical classes on topics such as analysing qualitative data, gaining ethical approval, and developing research questions. 


  • 300 hours of guided independent study


  • Research project, 10,000 words (100%)