Spanish Language 5 and 6

Module code: SP3005, SP3010

Module co-ordinator: Nuria Escudero-Pérez

Module Aims

The aim of this module is to perfect your communicative skills in Spanish commensurate with the academic level required at final degree level. The study of the language will be placed in a context that relates to aspects of contemporary life, society and culture in Spain and Latin America.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the module you will be able to demonstrate your ability to use the four essential skills as follows:

  1. Listening: to understand a wide range of spoken registers drawn from a variety of complex sources (including news broadcasts, documentaries and academic discussions) and extract information, ideas and opinions.

  2. Speaking: to hold sustained and fluent discussions with native speakers, take part in debates and simulations, prepare and give oral presentations on specialist subjects using accurate structure and appropriate register.

  3. Reading: to understand a wide range of written registers (including formal, informal, idiomatic, persuasive, argumentative and technical) drawn from complex sources (including internet/newspaper articles, commentaries, editorials, interviews and conversations) and extract information, ideas and opinions.

  4. Writing: to produce a range of extended pieces of writing in the foreign language, including essays, commentaries, summaries and reports using accurate structure and appropriate style/register.

Translation into English will also form part of the programme.

Teaching and Learning Methods

You will have the following contact hours per week:

  • 90 minute session: reading and writing skills
  • One-hour session: listening and speaking skills
  • One-hour session every other week in translation from Spanish into English

Key texts

You are recommended to purchase the following grammar texts:

  • John Butt and Carmen Benjamín, A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish (Fifth edition, Arnold, 2011)
  • Christopher J Pountain and Teresa de Carlos, Practising Spanish Grammar (Arnold, 2000)

The following texts are recommended for reference:

  • RE Batchelor and CJ Pountain, Using Spanish: a Guide to Contemporary Usage (Cambridge, 1992)
  • CM Scardaccione, Técnicas para resumir textos (Buenos Aires, Grupo Imaginador Ediciones, 2007)
  • J Muñoz-Bassols, Y Pérez Sinusía, M David, Developing writing skills in Spanish (Abingdon, Routledge, 2012)
  • G Reyes, Cómo escribir bien en español (Madrid, Arco Libros, 2012)


You should also purchase a suitable dictionary (large coverage) such as The Oxford Spanish Dictionary or The Collins Spanish Dictionary (latest editions)

  • María Moliner, Diccionario del uso del español (2000)

Online dictionaries