Spanish Language (Beginners) 1 and 2

Module code: SP1020/SP1021

Module co-ordinatorDr Emma Staniland

Module Aims

This module is an accelerated and intensive introduction to the acquisition of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Spanish, for students with no prior knowledge of the language. The module covers the expanse of linguistic knowledge and skills whose successful attainment is equivalent to GCSE standard (equivalent to level A2 of the European Languages Framework).

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Speak and write accurately about the topics covered during the course.
  • Recall, and accurately and appropriately deploy those grammatical structures covered throughout the year.
  • Verbally express yourself and engage in conversation with others about the topics studied during the course.
  • Extract, from Spanish language material both written and spoken, relevant information on the topics covered.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Your study of the language will be placed in a context that relates to aspects of contemporary life, society and culture in Spain and Latin America. There are four contact hours per week, dedicated to practical skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking and one hour every week of practice using the web-based learning programme AVE. You are expected to attend and participate in all five contact hours, having done the necessary preparation set by the tutor, as they form an essential part of the learning process.

Key Texts

You will need to purchase a copy of: Español Lengua Viva 1 – Libro del alumno (Salamanca, 2007)

For private study we recommend: Pilar Muñoz and Mike Thacker, A Spanish Learning Grammar (Arnold, 2001)

You should obtain a suitable dictionary such as The Collins Concise Spanish Dictionary or The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary (latest editions)

If you know that you will be studying Spanish for more than one year then it would be better to purchase a large dictionary such as The Oxford Spanish Dictionary or The Collins Spanish Dictionary (latest editions).