Research Project

Module code: NS4014

Module co-ordinator: Dr Sarah Gretton

Your third year Project is a substantial piece of individual work: the culmination of your training and learning to date and your opportunity to follow a significant piece of work to completion. At the start of the year you will be given a choice of projects from the Departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Geology, Physics and Astronomy.

Examples of previous projects include:

  • Pliocene palaeoclimate on the Antarctic Peninsula deduced from bivalve morphology and geochemistry
  • Multi-spectral imaging in astrobiology and forensic science
  • The likelihood of impact-driven transpermia between Earth and Noachian Mars
  • Experimental techniques for the calibration of nitrogen dioxide and ozone sensors
  • Bioinformatic approaches to identifying a novel regulatory pathway in monocytes 

Topics covered

  • Testing a hypothesis
  • Experimental procedures and good laboratory practice (lab projects only)
  • Research activities in the field and good fieldwork practice (field-based projects only)
  • Analysing and presenting data
  • Locating appropriate literature sources and interpreting your findings in relation to other work in your subject area
  • Absorbing information from a range of sources, and preparing your own take on this information
  • Presenting the key findings in the form of a report and presentation.
  • Discussing the project findings and the wider context


  • 10 one-hour seminars
  • Meetings with your supervisor 


  • Supervisors progress report (meetings with supervisor) (30%)
  • Final Products (70%) - including project summary and research plan, report, presentation and impact statement