Science Concepts

Module code: NS1055

Module co-ordinator: Professor Derek Raine

In thos module you will study scientific concepts from a transdisciplinary point of view. We will look at concepts that span disciplines and are of cultural as well as practical scientific relevance - asking why, for a non-scientist, it might be interesting and useful to know something about science.

Topics covered

  • Agents (material things that make up the world) and their properties
  • Transdisciplinary concepts
  • Stocks and flows
  • Conservation of energy
  • Forces and work
  • Types of interaction
  • Static and dynamic equilibrium
  • Approach to equilibrium
  • Dynamics
  • Population growth
  • Amplification
  • Iteration
  • Adaption and self-organisation
  • Macroscopic-microscopic connections
  • Brownian motion
  • Entropy


  • 4 two-hour workshops


  • 4 sets of multiple choice questions (16%)
  • Essay (84%)