Mathematics for Science 1

Module code: NS1022

Module co-ordinator: TBC

Mathematics is the language of much of science and is an integral part of your degree. In this module, the topics will become increasingly advanced and have been chosen to relate to more than one scientific discipline.

Topics covered

  • Basic calculations and algebraic manipulations
  • Algebraic equations
  • Elementary functions, trigonometric functions, exponential and logarithms
  • Set notation
  • Differentiation and integration
  • Maxima and minima
  • Binomial theorem
  • Graphs of simple functions
  • Areas and volumes of simple geometrical objects
  • Probabilities
  • Distinguish between discrete and continuous random variables.
  • Statistical tests for different sets of data.
  • Graphical representations of data.
  • Analysis of data using correlation and regression techniques including Pearson Correlation and the Spearman Test.


  • 20 one-hour workshops
  • 20 one-hour tutorials
  • 5 one-hour surgeries


  • Exam (35%)
  • Continual assessment (65%) - including competency based questions and application questions