Education in the Museum: Frameworks for Practice

Module code: MU7510

Module co-ordinator: Dr Viv Golding

Module Outline

This module is an introductory overview that looks at key terms, contexts and themes. It examines and questions assumptions and practices and offers a range of different interpretations and ideas relating to museum and gallery learning. It explores, and takes an in depth look at, the various and diverse frameworks (historical, policy-related, theoretical, professional) that shape educational practice in museums and galleries. It examines the contexts for professional practice. Examples and readings in this and later modules focus on both the world of museums and other interpretive contexts.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Self-directed learning using module study guide (and accompanying study materials), tutor support and optional Summer School.


  • Report, 750-1,000 words (20%)
  • Essay, 3,250-4,000 words (80%)