Engaging Audiences

Module code: MU7017

Module co-ordinator: Dr Viv Golding

This module considers museum communication with, at its heart, a major practical project: the ‘Design Exercise’. This will involve the development and installation of an exhibition, normally located within but not necessarily restricted to, the Museum Studies Building. Beginning with theories of learning, media and design, and their importance in museum communication, you will identify and analyse different exhibition types and strategies and learn how to select appropriate project management approaches and tools. You will then consider and assess a range of communication/interpretation media, including the role of digital media in audience engagement, and debate the potential benefits of multi-disciplinary exhibition teams. Following the installation of your exhibit, you will use appropriate techniques and tools to evaluate the effectiveness of audience engagement for your project.

Topics covered

  • Learning, media, design
  • Museum communication
  • Exhibition types and strategies
  • Project management
  • Audience engagement


Learning is through a combination of lectures, project supervision, practicals/workshops, and individual guided study.


  • Written essay, resource or portfolio, 3,200-4,000 words or equivalent (100%)