Module code: MU7009

Co-ordinator: Dr Janet Marstine

The course ends with a module composed of 8 weeks of work experience in a museum, gallery or related institution. This is arranged to take place over the summer so that you can rearrange your accommodation. You will select a project offered by one of our partner museums. The projects will include visitor studies, exhibition work, collection documentation and care, educational programming, and so on. Opportunities are available in big museums and in small ones. This module consolidates all previous learning and permits you to try out ideas in the workplace.

Topics covered

  • Preparing a CV
  • Undergoing a professional interview
  • Situating previous learning within a work environment
  • Locating the norms, environments, and cultures of working institutions
  • Personal professional development
  • Developing practical skills
  • Locating role models and styles of working


  • Approximately 280 hours of placement


  • Reflective statement (NB. this module is not assigned a mark but its completion is mandatory)
  • Satisfactory completion of work placement is confirmed by the student’s attendance and the host institution.