Module code: MU7008

Module co-ordinator: Dr Janet Marstine

This module is an opportunity to pursue a passion or a long held ambition, to explore in more detail a topic you have discovered during the course. It is an opportunity to specialise or to expand your knowledge and expertise.

In this module you will develop a research project on a topic of your choosing and with your supervisor you will assess the feasibility of the topic and develop a plan. This part of the course is quite different to all that you have done previously. Now you have space to think about a topic that interests you and to build a one-to-one relationship with a leading researcher in the field. During this module, particularly, you will begin to realise the power of all that you have learned on the course: you will begin to feel expert.

You will undertake fieldwork or a study to gain primary data whilst keeping a research diary. You will then bring this research together in a report, dissertation or some other output, as agreed with your supervisor.

Topics covered

  • Writing a research proposal
  • Developing research aim, objectives and questions
  • Devising an appropriate research methodology
  • Research ethics
  • Conducting research in the field
  • Preparing a research output
  • Academic referencing
  • Keeping a research diary


  • 2 hours of lectures
  • 4 hours of project supervision


  • Dissertation, 8,000 words or equivalent (100%) - this could be in the form of a paper notionally written for publication, a critical study and report relating to a professional issue or a piece that demonstrates your media skills