Entering the Field

Module code: MU7007

Module co-ordinator: Dr Isobel Whitelegg

This is a practical module designed to consolidate your learning during the course. It is composed of two elements: a choice of exhibition-based project and an international field school in a major European city. The first of these involves a curating project where you will work either with a historic collection, such as the Arts Council Loan Collection, or with contemporary artists. This may involve collaboration with an external organisation such as Leicester Print Workshop. Each year we change the venue and our partnerships.

The international field school is a research-focused project during which you will study the art ecology of a major European city. We will look at the creative, historical, geographical, political, economic and social fabric of the city in order to understand the different negotiations and performances taking place.

Topics covered

  • Liaising with artists and external bodies
  • Selecting and curating artworks
  • Developing interpretive and marketing strategies
  • Field investigations of art institutions
  • The study of art performances, their contexts and purposes
  • Consideration of the social significance and sustainability of art institutions


  • 10 hours of lectures
  • 50 hours of practicals and workshops
  • 35 hours of fieldwork


  • 2000 word, or equivalent, assignment. The style of assignment is different for each module and includes essay, critical reviews, art journalism, reports, portfolios, oral examinations and so on.