Developing Expertise

Module code: MU7001

Module co-ordinator: Dr David Unwin

This module lays a foundation for the programme and focuses on you. You will consider how you can become expert as a museum specialist working in a public or private institution. You will proactively develop your skills and knowledge to become effective as a museum professional. We will challenge your preconceptions of museums and museum studies and introduce the principal philosophies and ideas that underpin the course. We will provide you with an opportunity to gain familiarity with, and practise, a range of research and professional skills that you will be able to deploy during this course and throughout your professional career. Specialist options will give you an opportunity to develop expertise within a particular area of museum studies, such as the natural environment, heritage, education and the digital world. In these specialisms you will address current and emerging cross-disciplinary themes such as the pervasive influence of digital technologies and sustainable practices in the museum. Each specialism will be delivered through an intensive three-week period of teaching and assessed using a variety of formats that will equip you with a portfolio of achievements.

Topics covered

  • Tools, techniques and ideas for the learning journey
  • Sector-relevant research skills
  • Sector-relevant professional skills
  • Specialist options, including:
    • Education
    • Heritage
    • The digital world
    • Museums and the natural environment


Learning is through a combination of lectures, seminars, practicals/workshops, tutorials and individual study.


  • Your tutor will choose an appropriate form of assessment (essay, portfolio, critical review, report) depending on your specialist subject: 4,000 words or equivalent (100%)