Media Production across Cultures and Organisations

Module code: MS7125

Module co-ordinator: Dr Christian Morgner

In this module you will study different domains of professional practice within the fields of international communication and intercultural communication. We will systematically map the diverse areas of professional practice within the field of media and creative industries, looking at particular issues that are related to the related field of creative practice.

We will consider the role of localisation of cultural concepts or different forms of representation across cultures regarding public, private and non-profit organisations, illustrating this through examples of traditional and new media. You will then apply this knowledge through practical exercises such as creating a proposal/outline for a campaign, cross-cultural advertisement or promotional leaflet for a university course.


  • 10 one-hour seminars
  • 10 hours of practicals


  • Presentation (20%)
  • Report/Project proposal (50%)
  • Reflective commentary (30%)