Global Film Culture

Module code: MS2012

Module co-ordinator: Jack Newsinger

In this module you will study some of the major modes of film practice that have emerged in international film history. We will explore the cinema as a social, cultural, and economic institutio; and evaluate different approaches for the study of film culture. Taking a case study approach, each week we will look at a different example of film practice in its historical contexts of production and consumption. You will be supported to evaluate and apply ideas around film culture independently through further reading and viewing.  

Over ten weeks we will explore and discuss some of the most important and exciting cinematic movements in the global history of the cinema, and evaluate some of the main ways these have been interpreted and understood by film critics and theorists – and we will watch some great films!

Topics covered

  • Early Cinema
  • Hollywood Studios and Genre
  • Soviet Montage
  • Italian Neorealism
  • Art Cinema
  • American Independent Cinema
  • New Black Cinema
  • Bollywood
  • Activist Film 


  • 10 one-hour lectures
  • 10 two-hour seminars and workshops


  • Portfolio, 3,000 words (80%)
  • Annotated bibliography and filmography, 1,500 words (20%)