International Media Campaigns - Design and Evaluation

Module code: ML3010

Module co-ordinator: Dr Christian Morgner

Module Aims

The module aims to provide students theoretical and practical knowledge of elements contributing to effective international media campaigns. Key elements of campaign design such as the determination of campaign objectives, target audiences, target responses, message attributes, and media channel will be explored. The role of formative and evaluative research will be examined. Employing key case studies, the different requirements of commercial and public service campaigns and the distinct modalities of online or new media campaigns will be assessed. Students will put this knowledge to practice by working in groups to produce media campaigns for local institutions.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Weekly lecture sessions
  • Follow-up seminars involving discussion of guided reading
  • Group-based research and fieldwork for campaign design task
  • Tutorials for guidance on campaign design task

Assessment Methods

  • 1,500 word essay critically evaluating an existing international media campaign
  • Media campaign design group task (creation of media product, oral presentation and written report explaining and justifying the design process and product)

Set Texts

No set texts. Readings will be prescribed in line with the requirements of the lectures/seminars.

Recommended Background Reading and Additional Resources

Public Communication Campaigns (Rice & Atkin 2012)
Communicating for Change: Strategies of Social and Political Advocates (McHale 2004)