Global TV: Examining Television Across Cultures

Module code: ML2012 

Module co-ordinator: Dr Christian Morgner

Module Aims

The module aims to examine the structures of television within an international comparative framework. The study will examine transformations brought about by globalisation, in the political economy, cultures of production and representational discourses of television media. Key issues to be examined include the growth of the international syndication market, export of programming and formats, the development of transnational formats, the nature of transcultural adaptations, the transformation of genres, global media events etc. Frameworks for the comparative cross cultural study of television media will be discussed. Transnational, national and sub-national case studies will be examined and key cross-cultural research examining television media will be engaged with.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Weekly lecture sessions
  • Follow-up seminars involving discussion of guided reading
  • Private study comprising guided reading and preparation associated with classes; student self-directed reading. As well as selected reading, video, audio and other materials are used for illustration


  • Essay 1 (2,000 words) examining theoretical and conceptual issues in the study of international television (20%)
  • Essay 2 (2,500 words) evaluating a selected aspect of television programming or practice (30%)
  • 2-hour exam evaluating students' theoretical understanding and ability to employ it in the analysis of contemporary television practice (50%)

Set Texts

No set texts. Readings will be prescribed in line with the requirements of the lectures/seminars.

Recommended Background Reading and Additional Resources

Global Television Formats: Understanding Television Across Borders (Oren and Shahaf 2013)
Global TV: Exporting Television and Culture in the World Market (Bielby and Harrington 2008)
Global Television: Co-Producing Culture (Selznick 2008)
Reorienting Global Communication: Indian and Chinese Media Beyond Borders (Curtin & Shah 2013)