Media Production and Communication Practice 2

Module code: ML2011

Module co-ordinator: Dr Christian Morgner

Module Aims

The module aims to train students in the fundamental skills of audio-visual media production.  Through a series of practical workshops students will be trained in the techniques of audio-visual media production.  Knowledge and technical skills required for all parts of process including the pre-production, production and post-production will be provided. Training in the use of media production equipment and software will be undertaken. Students will engage in independent group-based production of media content relevant for international or inter-cultural communicative contexts.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Lectures/Seminars
  • Practical Demonstrations and Workshops (training on audio-visual equipment and editing software)
  • Project supervision for the development of media content
  • Fieldwork linked to group-based media project


Students will work in groups to develop programme proposals and media content that demonstrate technical competence and intercultural expertise.

They will be assessed on this group work based on:

  • Quality of the programme proposal (30%)
  • Pitching skills (10%)  
  • Quality of actual media product (30%)  
  • Students will then be assessed individually by means of a 2,000 word reflective report evaluating their own contribution to the group task practice (30%)

Set Texts

No set texts. Readings will be prescribed in line with the requirements of the lectures/seminars.

Recommended Background Reading

Video Production Techniques: Theory and Practice From Concept to Screen (Diefenbach 2012)
The Technique of Film and Video Editing: History, Theory, and Practice (Dancyger 2013)
Writing, Directing, and Producing Documentary Films and Videos (Rosenthal 2007)