Media, Culture and Transnationality

Module code: ML1010

Module co-ordinator: Dr Christian Morgner

Module Aims

The module provides a descriptive and critical overview of the key concepts that define the field of international communication and cultures: culture, meaning-making, symbols, representations, transnationality, otherhood, etc. and its major theoretical and methodological research approaches. There is an emphasis on the relation between communication and cultural meaning-making with regard to the international, transnational and global, including the philosophical and cultural foundations, concepts and analytical perspectives that define these relations. Students will familiarise themselves with the conceptual direction of the BA programme and will learn how these concepts enable them to analyse and work in the field of international communication.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Introductory lectures providing key concepts and frame and seminars focusing on the analytical discussion of guided reading and viewing
  • Two one-to-one tutorial sessions to discuss coursework preparation
  • Private study comprising: guided reading and preparation associated with classes; student self-directed reading; research, preparation and production of assessed work. (Readings, video, audio and other materials are used for illustration.)


  • 15 minute presentation (30%)
  • 1,500 word essay  (70%)

Set Texts

No set texts are used for this module. Readings will be prescribed in line with the requirements of the lectures/seminars.

Recommended Background Reading and Additional Resources

International Communication – A Reader (Thussu 2010)
Internationalizing Media Studies (Thussu 2009)
The Handbook of Global Media Research (Volkmer 2012)
Cultural Theory: An Introduction (Smith and Riley 2011)
Cultural Theory: An Anthology (Szeman & Kaposy 2010)
The Routledge Critical and Cultural Theory Reader (Chapman and Hall 2008)
Modernity At Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization (Appadurai 1996)
The Oxford Handbook of Cultural Sociology (Alexander 2013)