Introduction to Translating

Module code: ML1002

Module co-ordinator: Dr Michela Baldo

Module Outline

This module will introduce students to key issues and theoretical concepts involved in translation. They will learn to relate key theoretical concepts to their own critical reflection of translation practice.

Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Discuss key issues and concepts involved in translation
  • Reflect on translation practice
  • Demonstrate presentation skills
  • Demonstrate team-working skills

Teaching and Learning Methods

This module is designed to promote independent learning and autonomy through directed reading, practice, and learning logs. Students will be required to attend weekly lectures and seminars and to record their learning in a diary-style learning log. Formative individual and group translation exercises will encourage them to reflect on the practice and the translation issues introduced.

Assessment Methods

Students' achievement in the module will be assessed through a 20-minute-long group presentation on the applications and limitation of a translation issue or concept, and a learning log consisting of three entries of 500 words each. They will prepare the presentation together with a number of their classmates; they will write three learning log entries at the beginning, mid-point and end of the module.