Adult In-patients

Module code: MD7010

Module co-ordinators: Dr Kath Higgins and June James

Reports demonstrate that compared to the general inpatient population, people with diabetes in hospital are older, sicker, have more complex diseases and stay longer.

This module aims to meet the needs of medical professionals, ward nurses, DSNs, podiatrists, dietitians, and Specialist Registrars with a particular interest in diabetes inpatient care. This module covers diabetic emergencies, their presentation and management, and broader aspects of managing inpatients with diabetes. Learners will be able to critically appraise current research and national directives which support the clinical management for diabetes in patient care.


  • 16 one-hour lectures
  • 12 one-hour seminars
  • Two one-hour tutorials


  • Exam, two hours (50%)
  • Written Case study or Written debate, 3,500 words (50%)