International Trade Financing Law

Module code: LW7154
Module co-ordinator: Dr Ben Adodo

Module outline

The module seeks to provide you with a solid understanding of the prevailing legal principles and banking practices on specialised devises employed by buyers, sellers and their bankers in meeting the finance and payment requirements of overseas sales contracts and cross-border business transactions involving the supply of engineering or construction services. It covers in-depth a variety of specialised financing methods such as sales on open account, documentary collections, letters of credit, and the modern technique of providing security for effective performance of a seller's contractual obligation. Along the way, the module will consider comparable approaches to thorny problems in the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. Raising of finance by means of international syndicated bank loans and the conflict of laws issues engaged in the various transactions also receive considerable attention.  

International trade financing law embraces a vital branch of international commercial law. Expertise in its essential contents and workings is indispensable to lawyers advising importers, exporters and related corporate entities on a range of financing needs, and on the client's possible rights and liabilities where the intended finance arrangements go awry. Expertise in the field is of importance and a critical advantage to anyone who wishes to enhance their employment or career prospects in the financial services sector of the economy or government department concerned with formulating and ensuring the compliance of financial entities with the relevant regulatory framework.