Human Rights and Health Care Law

Module code: LW7096

Module co-ordinator: Elizabeth Wicks 

Module Outline

Human Rights and Health Care is a module in which we will investigate the current and potential role of human rights law in regulating health care. This provides an important and topical new perspective on some challenging legal and ethical issues relating to birth, health and death. We will look at a number of different health care issues, which may vary each year but will usually include topics such as the concept of a right to health, access to medical treatment, the right to refuse treatment, mental capacity, transplantation, abortion, assisted reproduction and end of life decision making, including withdrawal of treatment, assisted suicide and euthanasia. Our focus will always be on the relevance of human rights law to these issues and we will therefore discuss a variety of rights, some of which are well-established, such as the right to life, the prohibition on degrading treatment and the right to respect for private life, and others which remain disputed, such as a right to reproduce and a right to die. We will encounter materials from a variety of domestic and international jurisdictions, although there will be considerable emphasis on English and ECHR jurisprudence.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Seminars, private study and Blackboard VLE.

Assessment Methods

Research paper not exceeding 5000 words including footnotes.