Diplomatic Law

Module code: LW7045

Module co-ordinator: Katja Ziegler

Module Outline

Diplomatic Law deals with one of the oldest branches of international law: the law relating to representatives of States (including representatives of international organisations). We will deal in this module with inviolability, privileges and immunities relating to diplomatic missions/premises (including diplomatic asylum) and diplomatic agents. The module will also cover questions relating to duties and functions. The module will address the law relating to permanent diplomats and ad hoc diplomats, but also consular agents. Diplomatic Law provides an opportunity to study the operation of basic principles of international law in a specialised context and to consider its interplay with other norms of international law, e.g. human rights. The course combines a conceptual and practical approach to the study of the subject, providing opportunities both for theoretical discussion and practical application of the rules to problem questions.

Teaching and Learning Methods


Assessment Methods

Research paper not exceeding 5,000 words including footnotes.


For Visiting Students - Previous knowledge of International Law is required.