Study Skills for Postgraduates

Module code: LW7004

Module co-ordinator: Dr Maria Canto-Lopez

Module Outline

This module is designed to enhance your basic academic skills, and provides a basis for postgraduate work. The module will consider issues such as the nature and practice of critical writing, the process of assessing different sources (as to their hierarchy of importance, their relevance, and their reliability), and the role of reflection in academic reading and writing. You will also be introduced to and will develop your skills in utilising the University Library and other sources of information, as well as the process of citing such sources according to appropriate academic conventions. The module is taught through a variety of learning methodologies, and you will gain exposure to different methods of individual and group learning. This module is compulsory for all LLM and MA students.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Lectures, seminars, workshops, on-line tutorials guided towards a general induction comprising Global Legal Skills (Common Law, Civil Law, UN Law, EU Law, and Council of Europe) and an intensive study skills course (including an overview of what is necessary to study at Master Level). Group sizes will vary according to the nature of the activity. Use will be made of the Blackboard VLE to support learning in this module.

Assessment Methods

Formative Assessment- Research Paper (not exceeding 2500 words) : Semester 1.


This is a compulsory module for all LLM students.