Company Law

Module code: LW3320
Module co-ordinator: Professor Peter Jaffey

Module outline

The formation, operation and dissolution of companies are subject to legal and extra-legal controls. Company law investigates such notions as limited liability, share capital and companies' ‘legal personality’. It explores the relationship between directors and shareholders, creditors and the company, and investors and the company.

On completion of the module students should be able to:

  • Discuss the basic principles of: the nature of companies in legal and economic terms, limited liability, the distribution of power within the company, the position and responsibilities of directors, the relationship between various groups with an interest in the affairs of the company, the company’s ability to make legally binding contracts, how companies are financed, the fundamental rules governing takeovers and mergers, and the basic principles of insolvency
  • Critically examine the system and proposals for reform


  • 38 one-hour lectures
  • Eight one-hour tutorials


  • Exam, three hours (75%)
  • Essay, 2,500 words (25%) 

Excluded combinations

  • Not available to semester only visiting students.