International Law

Module code: LW3280

Module co-ordinator: Katja Ziegler

Module Outline

Do states have obligations to protect human rights, prevent pollution of the environment and to combat international terrorism? What is the legal status of the oceans, Antarctica and outer space? What role does the United Nations have in preventing international disputes and maintaining international peace and security? This module demonstrates the everyday importance of the international legal system.

At the end of this module, students should be able to:

  • Define the basic concepts, principles and institutions that comprise the foundations and structure of the international legal system, and which shape its formation and operation
  • Outline the sources of international law and its relation to municipal law as well as the issues of recognition, state responsibility and jurisdiction
  • Explain the role of law in the relations between states and as a controller of state conduct
  • Demonstrate written skills through applying the law to case studies and engage in critical discussion


  • 40 one-hour lectures
  • 12 one-hour seminars


  • Exam, three hours (75%)
  • Essay, 3,500 words (25%)