Management and Labour

Module code: LM1521

Module co-ordinator: Dr Glynne Williams

Module Outline

This module addresses the questions 'how do we know what different occupations are worth?', 'What is meant by the labour market?', 'Why do workers need to be managed?', before tackling them by introducing key theoretical ideas that can be applied to different circumstances and sectors. It will provide students with the tools necessary to discuss the role of human resource management within organisations and to analyse current debates about industrial relations. They will also be able to apply these ideas to discuss the management of performance in both the public and private sectors.

Topics covered

  • Key features of Human Resource Management
  • Competing perspectives on the employment relationship
  • Practical examples of the employment relationship
  • The management of discipline at work


  • 150 hours of guided independent study


  • 3,000-4,000-word essay (100%)