Italian Language Reading and Writing

Module code: IT3010
Module co-ordinator: Dott. Maria Guarnieri

Module Aims

The aim of the module is to build on the knowledge and skills developed in previous courses and in the year abroad, enabling students to deal with many different registers of Italian and to refine their use of complex syntax and lexis. The module will be conducted through class work and home assignments, with regular oral and written work on a range of texts both in class and as prepared assignments.

The written tasks will develop student's skills in translation into English, essay writing in Italian, summarising texts, mostly in Italian. Work on oral proficiency will aim at attaining a graduate-level competence and fluency on topics related to contemporary Italy and current affairs. Students will practice a range of communicative situations, including presenting an argument, debating and defending a case, negotiating, interviewing.

In order to enhance listening comprehension skills, regular work on Italian sources (TV clips, radio programmes etc.) will be carried out both in class and as home assignments. Classes will be conducted in Italian and English and students will be expected to contribute regularly.


  • 30 hours of practical classes and workshops
  • 45 hours of guided independent study

There will be three language classes per week: one hour for oral/listening practice, one for writing in Italian and consolidating lexis, grammar and structures, and one for translation/summary work. In addition, students should expect to spend at least another five hours a week of private study to work on the dossiers (or to draft a translation or write an essay/summary) in order to present or argue a case (or compare and discuss translations).


  • Continuous assessment (40%)
  • Examination (60%)