Italian Language (Advanced) 3 and 4

Module code: IT2024

Module co-ordinator: Maria Guarnieri

Module Aims

Through written, audiovisual and oral classes, this module is intended for second-year students who arrived at the University with an A-level (or equivalent) in Italian. Skills include enhancement of those introduced in IT1022/1023 and developed in the Italian Summer Programme.


The module will be conducted through class work and home assignments, with regular written work, which will develop students' skills in summary and translation work, both into and from Italian. Work on oral proficiency through a communicative approach and multimedia material will encourage effective acquisition of vocabulary and structures. Classes will be conducted in Italian.

Teaching and Learning Methods

There will be three language classes per week in which students will practice speaking and listening skills, as well as revising and improving their competence in written Italian, covering grammatical points of the Italian language, and working on audio-visual and cultural materials. In addition, students should expect to spend another five hours a week in private study and to submit written work regularly.


  • Coursework (50%)
  • Oral and written examinations (50%)


  • Magari (Alma Edizioni, 2008)
  • S Nocchi, Italian Grammmar in Practice (Alma Edizioni, 2007)

Highly recommended

  • Collins English-Italian Italian-English Dictionary
  • Il Nuovo Zingarelli: Vocabolario della lingua italiana
  • Aust & Zollo, Azione grammatica!