History and Culture in Twentieth Century Italy

Module code: IT2007

Module co-ordinator: Professor Sharon Wood

Module Aims

To give an account of some of the most significant moments of Italian cultural and political change, through written and cinematic texts. Key moments to be studied will be Italy under Fascism, Italy at war and the Holocaust, and the shifting social structure of emigration and immigration.

Learning outcomes

Students will develop the skills to compare written and visual texts with their specific discourses, and consider how these relate to what we think of as official ‘history’.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Lectures, seminars and presentations.


  • Essay of 2,500 words
  • Two-hour examination

Key Texts

Recommended for purchase:

  • Ignazio Silone, Fontamara Films: Una giornata particolare (Ettore Scola)
  • Primo Levi, Se questo è un uomo Roma città aperta (Roberto Rossellini)
  • Salah Methnani, Immigrato Rocco e i suoi fratelli (Luchino Visconti)