Authors and Genres

Module code: IT1027

Module co-ordinator: Dr Marina Spunta

Module Aims

In this module students will be introduced to Italian literature through the study of selected works, authors and genres. Through the detailed analysis of a number of texts, they will explore the developments of postwar Italian fiction and learn to set it in its context. All texts are read in Italian and in English translation.

Learning Outcomes

Students will gain an understanding of the history of Italian literature and culture, as well as some of its main genres.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Classes will alternate lectures and seminars. Students will be expected to prepare seminar work weekly, in groups.


One essay of 1,500-2,000 words plus formative group presentations.


Recommended for purchase:

  • N Roberts (ed), New Penguin parallel text short stories in Italian (1999)
  • I Calvino, Marcovaldo, or The seasons in the city, translated from the Italian by William Weaver (Vintage, 2001)
  • R Gordon, An introduction to twentieth century Italian literature (Duckworth, 2005)