Italian Language (Advanced)

Module code: IT1010
Module co-ordinator: Maria Guarnieri

Module Outline

Intended for students with A-level (or equivalent) in Italian, these paired modules, IT1022 and IT1023,& will improve students' communicative skills in contemporary Italian language. Weekly, two hours are devoted mainly to written and grammatical aspects of Italian via a communicative method and one hour is given to oral/aural practice.

Learning outcomes

At the end of these modules, students will:

  • Demonstrate their acquisition of post-AS/A2 communication skills in Italian and their application to complex contexts and registers
  • Enhance their reading and writing skills through weekly class work and home assignments
  • Develop their ability to speak fluently in Italian
  • Develop their skills in translation and summary work, both into and from Italian


  • 60 hours of practical classes and workshops
  • 140 hours of guided independent study


  • Continuous assessment: reading and writing (30%)
  • Continuous assessment: listening and speaking (20%)
  • Oral exam (15%)
  • Written exam, 2½ hours (35%)

Key texts

Recommended for purchase:

  • Italian Espresso 2, Alma Edizioni (2007)
  • S. Nocchi, Italian Grammar in Practice, Alma Edizioni (2007)

Teaching material will consist of a variety of texts ranging from traditional grammar exercises (to revise and reinforce grammatical points, lexis, idioms, syntax) to videos and written texts from various sources and of different styles and registers (literary, journalistic, technical etc.).