Victorian Society

Module code: HS7499 

Module co-ordinator: Dr James Moore

Module Outline

The Victorians are still with us. In fact, they have never gone away but are with us still in the sewers and water pipes beneath our feet, in the railway lines and road networks, in the suburbs and towering religious and civic architecture above our heads. In other words, the Victorians made modern Britain and we are living with the consequences of what has remained of their modernity, and what has not. This module will take students from the Industrial Revolution to the Victorians’ Imperial high noon. They will share the module with (mainly English Literature) students on the MA Victorian Studies course.

Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, successful students will:

  • Have acquired detailed knowledge of the nature of Victorian society
  • Be able to critically assess historical and literary sources relating to the Victorian period
  • Be able to discuss Victorian society at an advanced academic level, combining primary sources and the relevant secondary literature. 


Teaching is by a two hour weekly seminar. Seminars combine interactive lecturing from the course tutor involving question and answers; student led discussion and presentation with oral feedback on presentations; instruction in English grammar, essay techniques and blackboard work.


  • 1 x 5,000-word essay