Heritage Field Projects

Module code: HS2802 

Module co-ordinator: Dr James Moore

Module Outline

Are you interested in working in the heritage industry? Do you want to gain practical work experience and make a contribution to the development of a real-world heritage project? This module will provide students with work placements in the heritage industry, during which they will work on a specific heritage project, either individually or as part of a team. The heritage placement may be in archives, museums, industrial heritage centres, archaeological sites or in other approved heritage performance-based activities. Students will gain practical experience of heritage management in a specialist environment and develop key insights into the operation of a heritage business. There will be the opportunity to develop industry-specific skills, in addition to general project management expertise. Students will be assessed on their contribution to the project and their ability to reflect critically on the experience.


A humberour film about volunteers on the world's first preserved railway

Topics Covered / Course Structure

The placements will be preceded by preparatory reading and a module briefing. The heritage placements will take place over a four week period, to be negotiated with the Heritage partners and approved by the module leader. These will typically take place during the Easter vacation although, in special circumstances, may take place during term-time.


Students will maintain a work diary of activities and complete a research paper, with the assistance of the heritage partner, which will provide analytical reflections on the heritage project. The assessment is 100% coursework (2 essays 2,500 words each, 50% each).


The specifics of the preparatory reading will be dependent on the type of project and placement selected. Additional reading may be set by the Heritage partner.

M. Brisbane and J. Wood, A Future for Our Past? An introduction to heritage studies (London 1996).

J. Arnold, K. Davies and S. Ditchfield (eds), History and Heritage: Consuming the past in Contemporary Culture (Donhead 1998).

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