Film Production

Module code: HA2429 
Module co-ordinator: Jon Shears

Module Overview

Basic literacy in the principles of film production is important for those graduating in Film Studies; it is such literacy that this module will provide. In this module students will learn to understand the amount of effort and planning which goes into the production of even a very short piece of cinema. The module aims to help students learn about the technical and creative processes that go on behind the camera and about how these shape the films they may watch. Cinema has evolved over time as technology has increased the portability and technical quality of production equipment, and also as film grammar has evolved.

Students will be divided into groups of four to six. Each team will work towards the independent creation of a two to five minute piece of video drama, filmed and edited using modern digital video equipment. This will be made up of one or two scenes, rather than being an entire short film and can either be something written by the students or a re-interpretation of a part of an existing script. The main taught part of the course will consist of six x three hour lecture/workshops followed by a three week gap for filming and editing and a final screening session in week ten of the semester. The module will include student presentations which will not be assessed. The process of camera work and editing will be unpicked by analysing clips from films as well as by short trial pieces of filming and there will be time devoted to teaching students to use video equipment so that they can work independently in filming their drama piece.


  • 21 hours of practical classes and workshops
  • 31 hours of fieldwork
  • 148 hours of guided independent study


  • A group video drama of 2-5 minutes (40%)
  • Production assignment, 2,000 words (60%)