Cornwall Field Course (Applied Geology)

Module code: GL3113

Module co-ordinator: Dr Dan Smith

There is a fine balance between the exploitation of the Earth's resources and the inevitable impact that it has on the environment. The southwest UK is an excellent location to study this resource cycle. Devon and Cornwall have a long history of mining for tin, copper, tungsten, china clay, and slate. Although the resources have been intensively worked, many active operations still exist, and there are excellent locations to view the geological evidence of the processes that formed the mineralisation.

This module, which builds on content in the Introductory Mineral Deposits and Environmental Geoscience modules, is suitable for anyone with an interest in natural resources and environmental geoscience.

[Image credit: Gawen Jenkin]

Topics covered

  • Formation of mineral resources through geological time
  • Methods used to locate, evaluate, and extract mineral resources
  • Environmental impacts produced by working and then abandoning the deposits
  • Remediation and reutilisation