Final Year Writing and Reading

Module code: FR3111
Module co-ordinator: Dr Marion Krauthaker

This module will develop your skills in reading and understanding complex structures and registers in French. By the end of the module, you'll have developed...

  • Advanced skills in translation into English
  • Advanced skills in résumé in French
  • Advanced skills in the construction of written texts in French in a variety of registers


This module includes practical language classes, practical analytical tasks, and independent learning tasks.

  • 40 hours of practical classes and workshops
  • 35 hours of guided independent study


Continuous assessment (40%)

  • Translation (French to English, in exam conditions, with dictionary)
  • Rédaction in French
  • Résumé (French to English, in exam conditions, with dictionary)

Exam (60%)

  • Paper 1: Résumé (French > French) and Rédaction in response to a text, 3 hours
  • Paper 2: Translation into English, 1½ hours

Dictionaries will not be allowed during the exam.