Second Year Modern French Language (Post-Advanced)

Module code: FR2010

Module co-ordinator: Dr Michelle Harrison

In this module, you will consolidate your language skills and extend your linguistic range through a diverse set of speaking and writing activities. You'll learn how to construct an argument in written and spoken French as well as how to discuss topics of general and current interest in French. You'll also develop your skills in résumé and in translation from French to English.


    • Spoken language exercises (travaux pratiques)
    • Written language exercises (langue écrite)

    You are also required to watch the French TV news online at least once a week. Reporting back on the news is built into the assessment for this module.


    Langue écrite and travaux pratiques are equally weighted in the assessment of this module.

    Continuous assessment (50%)

    • Two written assignments per semester (25%)
    • Reporting back on the French news (5%)
    • One exposé done in the January assessment period (10%)
    • Two aural comprehension tests (10%)

    Exam (50%)

    • An exam taken in the May/June assessment period that includes résumé, translation from French to English, vocabulary exercises, and grammar exercises (25%)
    • Oral presentation (25%)