Interpreting French

Module code: FR2003

Module co-ordinator: Dr Nicole Fayard

This module uses liaison interpreting to consolidate your knowledge of French through the application of language as a communicative tool. Our focus on the purpose of the discussion you are interpreting and the people you are interpreting for will increase your awareness of communicative strategies in both French and English. You will also become more sensitive to the cultural differences that exist between languages.

By the end of the module, you will have:

  • Developed an understanding of key interpreting skills and techniques
  • Developed the ability to apply these skills and techniques in a range of circumstances
  • Consolidated your knowledge of French and gained confidence in speaking
  • Increased your awareness of communicative strategies in both French and English through a focus on context and purpose
  • Increased your sensitivity to the cultural differences embedded in both languages
  • Acquired a range of transferable skills, including oral proficiency, analytical listening, problem solving, presentation, research, autonomy, and group work


This module is taught in one weekly two-hour class. This allows for the acquisition of the linguistic tools required for liaison interpreting as well as the practice of interpreting skills and dialogues. You will be expected to practise these skills and to do some research at home. You will also be required to record an at-home assignment on mp3.


  • One interpreting task done in your own time (50%)
  • One task done in 'real time' in front of assessors (50%)