World Englishes

Module code: EN7239

Module co-ordinator: Dr Cathleen Waters

This module explores varieties of English from around the world as well as the main models and critical debates that underpin research on the topic. We'll discuss models for describing the use and spread of English; the features that distinguish different varieties of English (e.g., US, Australia, Singapore); the results of language contact situations, including pidgins and creoles; the role of English in multilingual nations and its use as a lingua franca; 'ownership' of English; and the impact of literature, media, and the internet.

At the end of the module, you'll be able to:

  • Describe the linguistic, historical, and social reasons for the diversity of English around the world today
  • Independently collect and analyze data and create a logically argued, coherently structured, fluent, and professionally presented essay with the collected data
  • Demonstrate the relationship between data and theory, including the formulation and testing of hypotheses
  • Critically reflect upon and engage with scholarship on varieties of English, especially in relation to your chosen area of research


  • A proposal and project plan (10%)
  • A 3,600-word essay (90%)