Literature and Gender: Deviant Bodies and Dissident Desires

Module code: EN7134

Module co-ordinator: Dr Emma Parker

This module draws on feminist and queer theory to look at the ways in which gender is constructed and represented in literature. We will study a series of texts that explore what it means to be a man or a woman; that consider the relationship between gender, sex, and sexuality; and that create what Judith Butler terms 'gender trouble' by highlighting the fluidity, multiplicity, and performativity of gender in a way that challenges heteropatriarchal norms.

Set texts are likely to include:

  • Virginia Woolf, Orlando (1928)
  • Brigid Brophy, In Transit (1969)
  • Iain Banks, The Wasp Factory (1984)
  • Graham Rawle, Woman’s World (2005)


  • A 4,000-word essay that focuses on at least two literary texts