Advanced Creative Writing Skills

Module code: EN2080

Module co-ordinator: Dr Harry Whitehead

This module combines creative writing workshops, performance workshops, lectures on research for writers, advanced practical critical reflection, and writing literary reviews for publication. These different strands feed into each other at all points through the semester. You will keep a writing journal that will feed an assessed critical essay.

Note that performance does not always involve dramatic expression: there are many writers who speak quietly and undemonstratively yet effectively. This module will help you find your own best way to express your work in performance.

Topics covered

  • Creative craft issues
  • Techniques, forms and genres
  • Research methods
  • Reflections on your own work
  • Writing literary reviews for publication


  • 10 lectures
  • 10 workshops - including peer review sessions, creative writing exercises, performance workshops, mini-lectures and group discussions.


  • Creative writing, 2,000 words or equivalent (45%)
  • Critical essay, 1,500 words; plus literary review, 500 words (45%) NB. Your writing journal will be submitted as an appendix to your essay, although not assessed in itself
  • Presentation, five minutes (10%)