Advanced Solid Mechanics

Module code: EG7037
Module co-ordinator: Professor Jingzhe Pan

Finite element analysis is now routinely used in industry to virtually test various design ideas. Stress engineers, a new kind of engineering professional, are head-hunted by all major engineering companies. This module will prepare you for this new and demanding field.

Topics covered

  • General framework for computational stress analysis
  • Fundamental elements of stress analysis: equilibrium, compatibility, constitutive law, boundary conditions
  • Variational formulation for stress analysis, including virtual work and minimum potential energy principles
  • Finite element method: piece-wise approximation and stiffness matrix, linear finite element analysis, linear elastic analysis, fracture mechanics
  • Nonlinear finite element analysis, nonlinear elasticity, plasticity, contact mechanics
  • Time-dependent finite element analysis, including viscoelasticity and creep


  • 11 one-hour lectures
  • 11 two-hour practicals


  •  Exam, two hours (100%)