Grammar Awareness

Module code: ED7523

Module co-ordinator: Dr Agneta Svalberg

This module provides an introduction to the description of English grammar, based on pedagogic as well as descriptive models. The aim of the module is to improve your awareness of form-meaning relationships and the choices available in English grammar, and to enable you to apply this knowledge to your teaching contexts. You will have plentiful opportunities to practise grammatical analysis in areas such as phrase and clause structure, tense, aspect and modality. You will consider approaches to the teaching of grammatical form and their suitability in a variety of teaching contexts.

Topics covered

  • The noun phrase
  • Adjectives and adjective phrases
  • Adverbs and adverbials
  • The verb group (Tense, aspect and modality)
  • Transitivity
  • Interrogatives
  • Sentences and clauses


150 hours over 20 weeks to include:

  • reading course materials; reading, watching and listening to required and recommended resources
  • engaging in online module activities / discussion forum
  • independent study
  • writing the module assignment


A 3,000-word assignment combining the description of a chosen grammatical feature(s) with the analysis of the feature(s) in a sample of authentic text or learner language, and or a discussion of implications for teaching.