Young Learners and ELT

Module code: ED7517
Module co-ordinator: Dr Agneta M-L Svalberg

This module provides an introduction to the teaching of ELT to young learners. The aim of the module is to examine the principles and approaches for teaching English to learners up to the age of 11 and to enhance your understanding of different ways to teach young learners. The key factors regarding young children learning English are discussed to help students relate them to specific educational contexts, understand the current approaches to working with young learners, and reflect on ways to introduce story-based language teaching for children.

Topics covered

  • The growth of ELT to young learners
  • Children as language learners
  • How children learn a second language
  • Learning through tasks and topics
  • Learning through stories.
  • Approaches to bilingual education in the UK


150 hours over 20 weeks to include:

  • reading course materials; reading, watching and listening to required and recommended resources
  • engaging in online module activities / discussion forum
  • independent study
  • writing the module assignment


A 3,000-word assignment on aspects of learning and teaching relevant to young learners. You must demonstrate engagement with the module materials and suggested reading but you can also draw on your personal experiences of teaching young learners. The assignment can be a discursive essay or a critical evaluation of a set of activities designed to help language development in a particular group of learners.