Business Law

Module code: EC3086

Module co-ordinator: Jim O'Hare

Accountants do not practice law, but they should be aware of areas of law that affect them. Accountants are involved in contractual agreements, they act as agents for their clients, they deal with different types of organisations, and they need to be aware of the implications of insolvency and the rights and duties of employers and employees. 

Topics covered

  • Legally binding contracts and how they might be enforced
  • Rights and duties of agents
  • Costs and benefits of different types of organisation (e.g. limited company or partnership?)
  • Implications of insolvency for different business types
  • The relationship and interaction between what is legal and what is ethical
  • ights and duties of employers and employees


  • 20 one-hour lectures
  • 5 one-hour seminars


  • Practical exercises done at home (20%)
  • Exam, 2 hours (80%)