Applied Econometrics Project

Module code: EC3064

Module co-ordinator: Dr Sara Lemos

This project will put the skills you have gained from other modules to the test. You will need to know about economic theory, statistics, econometrics, working with data, concluding and generalising, and deriving policy conclusions.

You will effectively be a researcher, policy advisor or ‘quant’, writing a report on a particular market or a specific economic problem. Your report will be partly technical -to denonstrate your technical, statistical and econometric skills - and partly policy-related, with clear and straightforward conclusions in the form of an executive summary.

This is not a typical teaching module. There will be some lectures (fewer than in other modules) on data collection, online literature search, descriptive data analysis, report writing and skills of oral presentation and also on some exemplary empirical models. After that, you will be left to your own devices. No more instructions on what to write and where to write. Work on this module will teach you how to do independent and original research. And will probably take you more than 100 hours in total.

There is a strong interest from potential employers in the outcome of this module; some of the lectures are delivered by ctitioners from firms which often hire our graduates. There is a MediaCom Prize specifically awarded for the best project (and a promise of a job interview for the winner; in most cases this interview has led to a job contract).

Recent example of projects:

  • 'Is there purchasing power parity between UK and USA?’
  • ‘Comparison of inflation persistence in the Republic of Korea and Japan’
  • 'Evaluation of efficiency of world gold and silver markets’


  • 12 one-hour lectures


  • Presentation (10%)
  • Written project (90%)